Fr. Anthony, St. Joseph's ChaplainHello from St. Joseph’s Indian School.


This past Sunday, St. Joseph’s Indian School’s student body for the school year of 2016-2017 arrived on campus. The upcoming year, 2017, marks St. Joseph’s Indian School’s 90th Anniversary!

Once a student arrived, they went to their Home to drop off their clothes and personal items.

Next, they walked to the health center, allowing our nurses to measure height, weight and eye sight, as well as a quick check-up to see if there were any medical needs that needed to be addressed. During this visit, our nurses also had the chance to visit with parents or guardians to see if there was any special medications a student might need.

8-19-16 Fr A Blog 3

Families enjoyed playing Hand Games at St. Joseph’s Welcome Back Picnic!

When the medical visit was over, the students and their families came back outside to take part in a “Welcome” picnic. There was a big inflatable they could climb on and a gift table each student could take a prize from.

There was also a face painting station and a photo booth where the student and their family could have a group picture taken. Once the photo was taken, it was printed and put in a frame for the student to keep on campus or their family to take home with them.

Those who were hungry enjoyed hot dogs, chips, cookies and water! As you can see from the photos, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We are so happy to have our students back on campus!!

We started classes on Monday about an hour late to give students from Lower Brule the chance to make it in, since many of them wanted to wait to check in until after their powwow festivities concluded this past weekend.

This coming weekend, Ft. Thompson will be having their powwow and we may start a bit later next Monday as well to give our students that are checked out by their families for the weekend more time to get back to campus.

Traditionally, we begin the school year with a prayer service with Scripture readings, reflections from Native American sources, and – the crowd favorite – a video of students caught in the act of simply being students here at St. Joseph’s! There are usually a lot of giggles when students see themselves.

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Staff took a minute to welcome our students back to campus!

During the prayer service, we had the 8th graders stand up so the younger students could ‘see’ who the school leaders are in case they ever needed to know who they could go to for help. We also had the new students stand so our veteran students and staff would have an idea of who to be on the lookout for in case the new students get overwhelmed or lost. There was also the chance for staff to shake hands with new and old students to welcome them and wish them a wonderful school year.

Last night, the 7th-8th grade students had a community night. Rules, expectations and privileges were discussed prior to playing  Jeopardy with the following categories: School, Home, Homework, Community and Wild Card. The home with the most points at the end of the game won a free movie night at the Chamberlain theatre. The Mathias Home was this year’s winners! After the game, we all had supper as a community.

8-19-16 Fr A Blog

Our first annual 7th-8th community night was a success!

Yesterday, I took part in a meeting to discuss our upcoming 40th Annual Powwow in September. It looks like 320 guests, visitors and friends have already registered! More than 200 are also planning on attending the Meet and Greet Thursday night that gives them the chance to ask staff and students about the programs offered at St. Joseph’s.

On Friday, there will be tours of the school and cultural presentations.

If you feel you are able to join us in celebrating our 40th Annual powwow on September 17, please check out our web site at call 1-800-584-9200 so we can send you some additional information on events taking place and motels in the area for lodging.

I hope all going well with you and yours. We are just finishing up the novena of Masses we offer for our Benefactors each month. Please know this is our way of saying pilamaya thank you – for your generosity.


Fr. Anthony Kluckman, SCJ