St. Joseph’s Children Count mentor program is up and running strong again this school year! Currently, we have 43 Lakota (Sioux) students

St. Joseph’s mentor program has 43 matches.

The Lakota children enjoyed a beautiful day and a picnic in the park with their mentor matches.

matched with staff members. We’re working on a few more matches to add to the count!

Our first mentor gathering was held September 24.  It was a beautiful fall day in South Dakota – perfect for a picnic at the park alongside the scenic Missouri River.  The students and their mentors enjoyed a scavenger hunt, lawn games and even a watermelon seed spitting contest! Our dining hall staff provided a wonderful meal for everyone to enjoy and everyone had a wonderful time!

This school year, we are looking forward to highlighting a few of our mentor matches and sending this information to all staff on campus, and you! We will also be exploring some new mentor activities and will share our adventures in a future blog post!

Until then—

Dee and Celia

Mentor Committee Co-Chairs