After a little holiday vacation, the health center is back in the swing of things at St. Joseph’s Indian School!

We’ve seen plenty children with strep throat and, to make things more exciting, influenza A has hit!  Sound terrible doesn’t it?  It really hasn’t been that bad.

We’ve only had about 6 or 8 students with the flu since coming back from Christmas break.  All the Lakota children have had a flu shot, so this helps slow the epidemic.

Of course, when the children are sick they don’t go to school. Instead, they come to the health center for the day (sometimes in their pajamas) and hang out with the nurses!

We love to give them special treatment while they are with us: their own room, a small TV to watch, a comfy bed, and let’s not forget a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers for lunch.  Does soup get boring? Maybe, but it’s great incentive to get well faster. *smile*

At 3 pm, when the school day is nearly over and houseparents return to the homes, we pack up the little sweethearts (with a mask if necessary) and off they go to their home with instructions on what sort of care they need that evening.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Nurse Nancy & Nurse Ronda